Financial Planning

Are you grappling with any of the following questions:

  • Am I on track to retire and reach my other goals?
  • Am I maximizing my career opportunities?
  • Am I making the best decisions with the elements of my compensation and benefits packages?
  • Am I doing the right things financially?
  • How do I plan for the unexpected?

To address these and other concerns, we help you build an actionable strategy.  Similar to your work life, this personal business plan includes the following steps:

  • Complete a Personal SWOT* - to understand where you’ve been and where you are now
  • Clarify and prioritize your goals – to capture where you want to go
  • Build a plan, that may include:

Savings strategies

  • Utilizing tax-free and taxable savings vehicles effectively
  • Establishing targets for various accounts
  • Deferred compensation strategies

Education funding

  • Developing a cohesive plan to fund education in coordination with other financial goals
  • Determining appropriate funding vehicles

Equity compensation planning

  • Coordinating with other savings vehicles
  • Planning for tax consequences
  • Determining targets for exercising options
  • Tracking and notification of target dates

Proactive income tax planning

  • Developing annual tax projections
  • Identifying appropriate tax savings strategies
  • Analyzing withholding and estimated  tax payment plans

Personal risk management strategies

  • Discussion of career risks and strategies to minimize
  • Determining life and disability insurance needs
  • Advising on property, casualty and liability insurance
  • Providing guidance on long term care plans
  • Assisting during job transitions

Legacy and estate planning

  • Helping identify legacy goals – both human and money related
  • Helping establish appropriate estate documents
  • Guidance on  methods to distribute wealth and minimize taxes

Investment strategy

  • Supporting your financial plan with consistency and diversification
  • Avoiding emotional decision-making
  • Focusing on what we can control with the four pillars of financial success

Career Development

  • Supporting services for starting a new job including resume writing, interview coaching, and executive portfolio development
  • Determining “what’s next” in the lifetime of your career
  • Getting ready for retirement and downshifting from your primary career

Relocation Planning

  • Reviewing and providing advice regarding employment offers
  • Providing compensation data for comparison
  • Providing cost of living data
  • Assisting with sale and purchase of housing

Cash Flow Management

  • Assisting with cash flow when income is “irregular” due to large bonus pay structure
  • Completing multi-year cash flow projections
  • Developing and analyzing spending plans
  • Providing personal net worth statements

Investment Management

  • Clarifying and prioritizing your goals
  • Building a plan that takes into account your risk tolerance, investable assets and investment allocation strategy
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjusting your portfolio

Compensation Consulting

  • Understanding your comparable career positions
  • Putting a concrete value on the position you are leaving
  • Negotiating a fair and equitable compensation package

Take action – the best business plan never implemented is worthless.  We know how busy you are and will handle many of the actions to help you make progress.  We’ll coordinate with your other advisors as appropriate.  Steps may include:Monitor and Adjust  - life happens, and we must adjust.  You will face different challenges at different phases of your life.

Think of us as your personal CFO. 

Take a look at how we help.

* SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Let’s start Making Life Count!® today


KHC’s Joni Lindquist in the Kansas City Business Journal’s Table of Experts: Women in Financial Planning



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