Executive Coaching

Proactively managing your career and building a successful career are integral to growing and protecting your financial capital—and your ability to support a lifestyle that helps you make life count.

If you’re facing challenging situations in your professional life or feel stagnant in your career, our six-month executive coaching program can help. Just as a professional athlete hires a coach to accelerate his or her performance, personalized executive coaching can help you enhance your own career performance.

Using a process that hones in on your specific career situation, challenges, and goals, as well as insights gleaned from real-world experience in strategic and executive roles, your executive coach serves as an unbiased, external confidante and advisor to help you:

  • increase your career satisfaction
  • enhance your leadership skills
  • achieve work-life balance
  • raise your performance to the next level
  • reach your professional goals
  • maximize your value (compensation) in the marketplace

We help our clients during all phases of life to provide insights, advice, and strategies.  Perhaps you've found yourself in one of these situations:

Disclaimer: The above does not represent an actual client’s experience but rather is meant to provide an example of the firm’s process and methodology.

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KHC’s Joni Lindquist in the Kansas City Business Journal’s Table of Experts: Women in Financial Planning



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