At KHC Wealth Management, we believe in Making Life Count!®  We exist to help our clients live well today while planning to achieve their future goals and dreams.  We work with individuals who have complex and busy lives to:       

  • Clarify goals   
  • Create plans
  • Take action 

As your life changes, so do your needs.  We work with you during all phases of life to provide insights, advice, and strategies.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself in one of these situations:

At KHC, we define “wealth” more broadly than other financial firms. While wealth certainly includes financial capital (your income and investable assets) we believe human capital (your time, talents, and experience) is equally vital in creating wealth. For most of us, using our human capital effectively leads to building financial capital.

KHC Wealth Management is a fee-only financial planning firm that offers traditional financial planning, investment management, executive coaching and career coaching services.

If you want to clarify your goals and build a tangible, actionable plan for reaching your personal and financial dreams, contact us today at 913-345-1881 to learn how we can help.


  • Jamie Bosse, CFP®, RFP® and KHC financial planner worked hard to drive change in her native Manhattan, KS.  The mayor officially named May 1, 2015 Financial Planning Day in the city.
  • KHC financial planner, Jamie Bosse, CFP®, RFP® is truly Making Life Count! on the cover of the Register magazine this month. Read More 
  • Koesten and Starkey Recognized as Five Star Wealth Managers. Read More 




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